When I Turn Home by Dorothy Howard


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DOROTHY HOWARD was born and educated in Toronto. Keenly devoted to literature, she began writing poetry at an early age. Her verse appeared in The Canadian Poetry Magazine and in other periodicals and newspapers. Shewas Recording Secretary of the Pen Guild of Toronto and Convener of the Poetry Group of that organization. In private life she was Mrs. T. Marshall Howard. A chap-book of children’s verse from her pen, titled, A Child Came Laughing, and privately printed, ran through two editions.

The selected work of this young Canadian poet calls for comment. Her poems reveal unmistakable gifts, and, dealing with a wide variety of themes, hold promise of future achievement. Vigorous thought, deep and sincere feeling, sound craftsmanship, beauty and originality in phrasing, are essentials of good verse. Those qualities are here. Not often does one find richer diction or more felicitous metaphor:
“And dark bird patterns Pass in straight, low flight.”
“When gentle dusk
Flows slowly down the streets,
Washing around the retreating feet of day.”
Literary merit of that kind delights a discriminating reader, and it is a pleasure for me to call attention to it.
—John M. Elson


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