In 1979 Ronald P. Frye & Company was established as a scholarly press. Its first titles include books in the fields of politics, history, and philosophy. By the 1990s the company had moved into producing not only scholarly works aimed at the university market but also teaching aids for the secondary school market. By the turn of the millennium, the company began to publish both poetry and fiction.

Ronald P. Frye & Company has, over the years, begun to maintain a dual role in Canadian letters by both publishing and printing books. By adopting both roles Ronald P. Frye & Company has been able, in the last few years, to adapt to the ever-changing book market. We are now able to print short and medium run titles cost-effectively while still maintain quality control. This has allowed us to take a chance on experimental works as well as meeting the market demand for more traditional titles. Our press has quickly become known for its adventurousness in both content and presentation.