The Tide of Love by Thomas O’Hagan


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Dr. Thomas O’Hagan was born near Toronto, Canada, and received his early education in the Public School, at St. Michael’s College, Toronto, and Ottawa University. His advanced studies were pursued in the United States and Europe. He was the author of five volumes of verse: A Gate of Flowers; Songs of the Settlement; In the Heart of the Meadow; and Songs of Heroic Days. Some of Dr. O’Hagan’s early poems were translated. into French in Paris. His poetic work is, represented in important anthologies such as Dr. Rand’s Treasury of Canadian Verse; Mr. Caswell’s Canadian Singers and Their Songs; Joyce Kilrner’s Dreams and Images; Dr. Thomas Walsh’s Catholic Anthology, and- Miss Alice Cooper’s Poems of Youth. Dr. O’Hagan resided in Toronto.
Sample Poem:

I know not what my heart has lost;
I cannot strike the chords of old;
The breath that charmed my morning life
Hath chilled each leaf within the wold.

The swallows twitter in the sky,
But bare the nest beneath the eaves;
The fledglings of my care are gone,
And left me but the rustling leaves.

And yet, I know my life hath strength,
And firmer hope and sweeter prayer;
For leaves that murmur on the ground
Have now for me a double care.

I see in them the hope of spring,
That erst did plan the autumn day;
I see in them each gift of man
Grow strong in years, then turn to clay.

Not all is lost—the fruit remains
That ripened through the summer’s ray;
The nurslings of the nest are gone,
Yet hear we still their warbling lay.

The glory of the summer sky
May change to tints of autumn hue;
But faith that sheds its amber light
Will lend our heaven a tender blue.

O altar of eternal youth!
O faith that beckons from afar,
Give to our lives a blossomed fruit—
Give to our moms an evening star!

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