The Sea is Our Doorway by Michael Harrington


Michael Harrington was born at St. John’s, Newfoundland, and received his school and university training there. He began his career as a poet by winning the first prize in an open competition at the age of sixteen. He founded and was first editor of the college paper, The Memorial Times. After graduation Michael Harrington was employed by the Newfoundland Civil Service, then at the U.S.A. Army Base, Fort Pepperrell, and finally he took over the radio programme known as the “Barrelimn,” devoted to Newfound. land history, arts and letters, folk music and contemporary achievements of Newfoundlanders. In 1943 a collection of his poems, Newfoundland Tapestry, was published. The city of St. John’s elected him to the National Convention which will recommend a form of government to be submitted to the people of Newfoundland in a referendum.

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