The Blossom Trail by Lilian Leveridge


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Sample Poem:


There are flowers to-day in the valleys blowing,
Green ferns are growing beside the rills;
There is mingled music of waters falling
And wild birds calling across the hills.
‘Tis love that speaks in a thousand voices;
All earth rejoices, all nature thrills.

Let us rest awhile from our toils and listen,
While cool dews glisten on leaf and blade.
With gladness then let us rise and follow,
Through mossy hollow and sunny glade,
The blossom trail of the Spring, dream-haunted,
With hearts undaunted and unafraid.

The breath of spring is with rare balms laden,
Perfumes made in her secret still
Shy arbutus, dogwood and cherry,
Bilberry, violet, daffodil.
The wild winds fling them in sportive sally
Down the valley and over the hill.

There is life reborn in each green blade springing,
Each wood-bird singing his passioned lay
To the brooding mate of his long love-questing
And happy nesting. And so, to-day
The green-gold world is the haunt of lovers,
Where each discovers life’s old glad way.

Then haste, dear heart! For why do we tarry?
And why do we carry our griefs and cares?
Let us up and away! Let us drop our burden,
And claim the guerdon of all the years!
For the glad, sweet earnest of love immortal
At spring’s green portal waits unawares.

Featuring cover artwork by Joel Hooper.

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