Rhythm Poems by Sister Maura


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Rhythm poems By Sister Maura; Ryerson Poetry Chapbook Series published by Ronald P. Frye and Co, Book Publishers, Toronto Canada. Poems by Twentieth Century Canadian poets, Cover art by Sebastian Frye.

Sister Maura belonged to the Institute of the Sisters of Charity of Halifax. She taught courses at Notre Dame University, and Boston College, Dalhousie University and Fordham University. Her books and booklets include poetry, drama, and literary research. Sister Maura also taught English at Mount Saint Vincent College in Halifax and lectured on occasion whilst contributing essays and lyrics to various magazines.

From “Rhythm Poems”:
White Magic
A clear, cold dawn
Has frozen the sudden downpour of the night
To witchery.
The soft skies beckon
And the bright air lures me forth
Into a world as white as purity.

Maple and birch
That winter through
Have starkly climbed the western hill,
Now wear a pearly silver gown
And flaunt in the sun
Their gleaming plumes of glass,
That in the shadow seem
Dove-coloured ostrich feathers.
The patriarchal pines are bearded,
Pendulous and hoar.
An ever-moving sea
That gave the azure of the sky back
Night-dark blue
Or twinkled, dancing gold, in the sun,
Now lies a wide snow meadow,
Utterly still.
Along the orchard paths,
The spreading apple boughs
Have diamond twigs
And glitter here and there
With rainbow radiance.

This is no world of workaday,
Ah, no!
It is a magic land;
Its crystal wind can blow away
All care and weariness,
And refresh the human soul.

Featuring cover artwork by Sebastian Frye.

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