Orphan, and other poems by Freda Newton Bunner


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Orphan and other Poems By Freda Newton Bunner; Ryerson Poetry Chapbook Series published by Ronald P. Frye and Co, Book Publishers, Toronto Canada. Poems by Twentieth Century Canadian poets, Cover art by Liz Pead.

This prophet with a chuckle in his beard,
Who levelled ten commandments with a blast
And shivered them with many a Shavian shaft,
Became our Mentor when the dust had cleared.

We grew to love this vegetarian dragon
Who, when he bellowed, had his tongue in cheek;
And was most crafty when he seemed most meek,
Or sought recruits to pin a Fabian flag on.

His part is played. The curtain falls.
No use for us to plead with long applause,
For Death was waiting in the wings,
And Death allows no curtain calls.


Cover artwork by Liz Pead

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