Journey Into Yesterday by Irene Chapman Benson


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William Lyon Phelps, professor emeritus at Yale University, had volunteered to write a Foreword to this collection, but his death in August, 1943, prevented his doing so. Of Mrs. Benson’s work he had written as follows:

“I have read your poems with great interest and sincere admiration. You have a true gift. Indeed, your collection has impressed me so much that you may tell your publisher I shall contribute a Foreword, should you decide to bring out a small book.

Some years ago I made a statement in print: ‘The surest way to oblivion is to be a Canadian poet.’ This drew remonstrances from a number of Canadian papers which I was glad to see. Canadian poets lack the reputation they should have and as I love Canada and poetry with all my heart, something should be done about it. Meanwhile, I congratulate you on your writings and hope that you will be encouraged to go ahead.”

Cover artwork by Emily Chu

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