Ecstasy and other poems, by Elaine M. Catley


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Elaine Maud Catley, poet, was born Nov. 14, 1889 in Bath, England, daughter of Frederick Charles and Annie Matilda (Whittington) Clark. She married Sidney Charles William Catley on Dec. 29, 1915 and moved with him to Calgary, Alberta in 1920. She contributed poems and articles to Canadian and British periodicals as well as to supplementary school textbooks and verse anthologies, and had six books of verse published: Greater Love and Other Poems, [n.d.]; Star Dust and Other Poems, 1926; Ecstasy and Other Poems, 1927; Canada Calling, 1938; Light and Other Poems, 1960 and At the End of the Road, 1974. The Calgary Daily Herald published many of her pieces between 1921 and 1942. A member of the Canadian Authors Association for 25 years, she served in all offices up to President, and for three years was also a member of the Canadian Women’s Press Club. She died in 1984.


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