CUSP: Word Sonnets Trade Edition


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This new book of word sonnets by Seymour Mayne, one of the chief innovators of the form, is being published to highlight fifty years since the poet’s first collection of poetry was published in Montreal.  Cusp: Word Sonnets is published in a limited illustrated signed edition and a regular trade paper edition.

“Seymour Mayne’s Cusp: Word Sonnets can be read quickly, but ought to be considered slowly. At fourteen words apiece, each sonnet is petite enough to repeat instantly, like a koan or haiku, and can be turned like a worry stone held in a hand. Most are accompanied by an illustration by Sebastian Frye—one of a series of windows, empty of screens and maybe even of glass, offering views of an arbour and rooftop that change with the weather and seasons. The book’s design makes it both simple and pleasant to think on each sonnet while studying the sketch that sits below it on the page.”
-Canadian Literature


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