Cosmic Oratory by Regis


Cosmic Oratory by Regis


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Cosmic Oratory by Regis; Ryerson Poetry Chapbook Series published by Ronald P. Frye and Co, Book Publishers, Toronto Canada. Poems by Twentieth Century Canadian poets, Cover art by Stewart Fanning.

I HAVE not been born into the world for nothing,
To die unspoken like an insensate clod
(If there is such a thing in all this quivering universe
Where every atom and hundred-millionth division of an atom Sparkles and spits and radiates enormous energies).
Do you think that because I am unknown and always will be  unknown
That my name and history will pass away like the wake of a ship,
Or the trail of a meteor.
Despised, rejected, the most inconsequential poet that ever tapped inexpertly on a typewriter,
That ever forlornly followed his own ideas:
I, too, among the greatest have come to deliver an imperishable
My words will echo to the remotest corners of the wide-mapped
For I speak not only to the populations of the earth:
I am no mundane trifler with temporal subjects:
I speak to the islanded universes moored in space.
I speak to all ages, to all people:
To all forms of organic and inorganic life wherever it is sown.

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