A Pool of Stars by Lionel Steverson

A Pool of Stars by Lionel Steverson; Ryerson Poetry Chapbook Series published by Ronald P. Frye and Co, Book Publishers, Toronto Canada. Poems by Twentieth Century Canadian poets, Cover art by Robert Achtemichuk.

I KNOW a trail whereon my vagrant tread
Could feel the soft resilience of pine needles—
The gradual harvest of forgotten years—
With here and there the crackle of a cone
Crushed underfoot. And through the drowsy gloom,
Pressing aside the lithe low-hanging boughs,
I should be dazzled suddenly, and find
A tiny clearing like a secret chapel
Full of the lavish sun’s illuminance,
With a resplendent altar in the midst—
A flaring sumach bush. There would I kneel
And consecrate that altar with glad tears.

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