A Canadian Twilight and Other Poems of War and of Peace

A Canadian Twilight and Other Poems of War and of Peace
By Bernard Freeman Trotter First published in 1917
ISBN: 978-1-77081-204-8 pages: 105 size: 6.5 by 9 inches paper

Bernard Freeman Trotter was killed in action in France on May 7th, 1917. By his early death he was only twenty-six Canada lost a brave soldier and one of the most promising of her younger poets. Those who knew him best may be pardoned if they link him in their thought with Rupert Brooke and Alan Seeger. As the former died for England in the Aegean, and the latter, an American, gave his life for France at the Somme, so Bernard Trotter laid himself on the altar of heroic and unselfish sacrifice for his native land and the sacred cause for which the Empire fights. Without claiming for him equality with either of these “inheritors of unfulfilled renown” in respect of promise or achievement, one may justly say that, like them, he was a true poet, dowered with love of beauty and a quick sense of her manifold apparitions, and possessed of a native gift for the expression of poetic thought and feeling in musical rhythms. Cut off in his youthful prime he has left only a slender sheaf of verse, but enough to prove that he had the authentic singing note of the born poet.


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